Codeshare flights of Star Alliance airlines are consistent. Established in 1997, Star Alliance is the world's first alliance of airlines, and is recognized as the world's best in terms of its scope of services, quality of services and safety. You can use the following keywords to get notified about similar Dealz: Hint: You can also combine two keywords with a "+" e.g. Fly Round the World on just one ticket A purchase of 100,000 shares entitles you to Star Alliance Gold.At current US dollar pricing of 27 cents a share, that’s a $27,000 investment.. In sporadic cases, this is an option for award miles but never for tier miles. If you are a Star Alliance Gold member, you can relax in any one of over 1,000 airport lounges worldwide, regardless of where you are seated on the plane*. The airlines will let you open a family account, even for tier miles that are needed to reach Star Alliance Gold. Thus, the higher status would be beyond the airline itself and in the hands of a marketing company (because that’s essentially what alliances are) that could work as an agent for all members carriers. You can earn status miles across all Star Alliance member airlines’ Frequent Flyer Programmes with only one frequent flyer card and attain Star Alliance Silver status or progress to Gold status. But that’s not the only reason why Miles & Smiles got the attention of frequent travelers. Escape the crowds in over 1,000 lounges world-wide when you fly on a member airline flight. Now it’s time to put your golden Star Alliance cherry on top of your SkyTeam Elite Plus Sundae. Facts Qualification: You need 45,000 Basic Points (= tier miles) or 45 segments flown with SAS or Widerøe within a 12 month qualification period to earn Eurobonus Gold, which is equivalent to Star Alliance Gold. Select your frequent flyer programme On behalf of all our member airlines, we thank you for your loyalty. Hi Jake, thanks for the hint! Subscribe to our Newsletter + Breaking Deal Alerts and get our Whitepaper with 3 additional ways to obtain Star Alliance GOLD status exclusive for Travel-Dealz-Subscibers: We will use your email address to keep in touch with you and to send you our newsletter. Turkish Airlines has been offering a status match to its loyalty program for a while now. Your bags are among the first on the belt, so you can move on quickly. 📬 🤖 Don't miss any suitable Deal. This would get you lounge access on all Star Alliance carriers, amongst other benefits. Silver Status recognises that you have shown a good degree of loyalty to Star Alliance member airlines and earns you two privileges that can make your journey smoother. If you carry on flying with Star Alliance member airlines you may go on to qualify for our top status level, Star Alliance Gold. Star Alliance Gold members. This is especially the case if you are commenting for the first time. We repay you by recognising you across the entire network with a special welcome and a set of privileges that will make your journey smoother and more comfortable. Have a look at our Gold Track locations . Just look for the Star Alliance Gold sign. Once your account shows 45,000 tier miles, you’ll be rewarded with Star Alliance Gold status and corresponding privileges for rest of your qualification period and another 12 months. For more information, see our Privacy Policy. Star Alliance Gold status is handy to have if you ever fly with any of the 28 Star Alliance airlines. The cards would be sent by Star Alliance and benefits maintained by Star Alliance. Additional baggage fees, payment fees and fees for other optional services may apply. Silver is the lower of the 2, and can be achieved in various ways, depending on your program’s specifications. Prices may vary depending on … How does the Star Alliance determine elite status? Thank you for being a member in one of our frequent flyer programmes. Typically your boarding pass will be scanned before you can embark. Even when redeeming award miles Asiana Club can be exciting. Get a free upgrade to Business First Class on the Heathrow Express. Check out Star Alliance! At least in theory. What’s most interesting is the benefit for those who own 100,000 shares. Or at least not many. So you will have to fly to earn those tier miles or points ion your way to elite status. Status Points are only earned on Star Alliance carrier operated flights. By clicking on Subscribe you confirm that the information you provide may be shared with MailChimp for processing in accordance with their Privacy Policy and Conditions. However, the higher tier status levels of each member airlines’ frequent flyer programme are mapped against the two uniformly-recognised Star Alliance status levels – “Star Alliance Silver” and “Star Alliance Gold”. Not all Star Alliance Member Airlines or all fares/options are shown. Obtain Star Alliance Gold or Star Alliance Silver status which allow you access to benefits like priority check-in and boarding, extra baggage allowance, priority baggage handling and entry at over 1,000 private airport lounges. As soon as miles have been credited to your account, that’s where they will stay. By clicking on Subscribe below, you agree that we may process your information in accordance with these terms and conditions. Below we will give you an overview of the five easiest options that are out there. The higher tier status levels of each of our member airlines’ Frequent Flyer Programmes are mapped against the two uniformly recognised Star Alliance status levels “Star Alliance Silver” and “Star Alliance Gold”. We use MailChimp as our platform for sending emails. Even paying for a ticket in full and not flying will result in an empty mileage account. Star Alliance is the largest global airline network in terms of daily flights, destinations and countries to which it flies, and number of member airlines within the alliance. Found a great site to search for flights. Some booking classes (mainly for Lufthansa flights) won’t get you any miles. And you’ll profit from them every time you choose to fly with a Star Alliance member, no matter which travel class: In this article, we will introduce you to five of the fastest and most convenient ways to reach Star Alliance Gold status. But then the re-qualification is easier. Hi, If the flight that gets you over the challenge’s milestone occurs before 30 June 2018 your MileagePlus (and therefore Star Alliance) status will only be extended to 31 January 2019. Star Alliance doesn't offer its own separate frequent flyer program. Through Star Alliance, you can earn 1 of 2 different elevated statuses if you fly often enough. Simply keep flying and you could make it to Alliance Gold or Silver status soon! Until 2014 Aegean would reward you with Gold status for collecting 20,000 miles within 12 months and the status had no expiration date. There is a little trick to it, but it works. Select your status. You can earn 25K status with the Everyday Status program by earning 100,000 Aeroplan points from any eligible transaction, including points earned from travel, credit card spending and purchases through the Aeroplan shopping portal. This cooperation led to suspicions of anti-competitive behaviour; the alliance was suspected by the European Union of being a virtual merger of its members, and speculation existed that if government regulations were relaxed the members would merge into one corporation. By travelling on Star Alliance member airlines you are able to earn Status Points, which will help you reach Airpoints status levels sooner and allow you to enjoy more benefits when flying. Unfortunately, this is not possible. The program offered by the Greek airline Aegean Airlines is already well known by most frequent flyers. A Miles&More Senator status, for example, will get you access to the Welcome Lounge after a long-haul flight and you will receive two upgrade vouchers. Message *document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "acd7b4a185418db5838ec27222c34141" );document.getElementById("d775ece728").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Note: If your comment does not appear on the page immediately, it must first be approved by a moderator. While it is not matching elite members from other Star Alliance programs, it will match other programs including one world, SkyTeam, and non-aligned carriers like Azul and Emirates. MileagePlus members may earn and use miles on United and 25 other Star Alliance member airlines, and Premier ® members are recognized with added benefits around the world. Also, the change to earn lifetime Gold Status could be very interesting and isn’t something you’ll find with every airline. That’s right: it was valid forever! Some of these cookies are indispensable for the operation of the site, some add convenience and some help to individualise the site to your location or frequent flier status. The Star Alliance Gold status match is being offer by United Airlines as part of what it calls a 'status challenge' promotion. It was founded in 1997 as the first truly global airline alliance, offering customers all over the world many destinations and an excellent travel experience. Keep flying and you could make it to Alliance Gold status soon! The Star Alliance itself does not host an individual frequent flyer program. An amazing perk to getting Kris Flyer Gold Elite status is you can status match this with other airlines. This would give you top tier privileges when travelling when any Star Alliance carrier , including Lufthansa, SWISS, United, Air … The more you fly, the more rewards, discounts and upgrade options you gain. And award miles expiring after 12 years is unique too. TAP Portugal is offering flyers an opportunity to match into its Miles & Go loyalty program, with matches as high as Star Alliance Gold.. For all travelers that’s great, but or US based travelers, that would mean lounge access on domestic flights, and of course whenever flying TAP Portugal or Star Alliance elsewhere in the world. If you can afford to fly Turkish’s business class product, you even get an extra 25% bonus on the tier miles earned. While Star Alliance does not directly maintain a frequent flyer program, travelers who achieve elite status with a Star Alliance member airline receive reciprocal benefits across the Star Alliance network. Select your frequent flyer programme, Check Your Star Alliance Status Your Miles & More frequent flyer status gives you access to numerous status benefits with all Star Alliance flights. United MileagePlus Simplifies Qualification in 2021, Sixt Gold & Platinum Status Match for Many Loyalty Programs, Airport Lounge Access to over 1,000 Star Alliance Gold lounges, including a guest, Extra Baggage Allowance and Priority Baggage Handling, First, you’ll have to collect 12,000 tier miles and fly with Aegean or Olympic twice OR collect 24,000 tier miles without flying the Greek airlines to reach Silver Status, Once you’re a Silver member, you have to be credited with another 24,000 tier miles and fly with Aegean or their Greek partner four times, OR you collect 48,000 miles and avoid their aircraft. As soon as you complete the challenge, you’re now eligible to get the Star Alliance Gold Status! Asiana Club also offers good ways to redeem your award miles for flights. Please note that Priority Airport Standby is subject to individual member carrier’s fare conditions and legal regulations. The higher tier status levels of each of our member airlines’ Frequent Flyer Programmes are mapped against the two uniformly recognised Star Alliance status levels “Star Alliance Silver” and “Star Alliance Gold”. Do you want to continue? Getting Star Alliance Gold. Fly 10,000−35,000 miles (−56,000 km) every 1-2 years to earn Silver status. Within Europe on "Light" fares offered by Lufthansa, Austrian & SWISS, "Check&Go" fares offered by Brussels Airlines and “Go light” fares offered by SAS as well as on “Seat” fares offered by Air New Zealand, the extra baggage allowance is not offered. With Star Alliance Gold status you can enjoy more lounges than any other alliance – and bring a guest along with you. You can turn your travels into a smooth experience with special status privileges such Priority Airport Check-in, Extra Baggage Allowance, Gold Track (Priority Security Clearance) or Airport Lounge Access wherever you choose to fly. The lifetime status is another huge benefit. @staralliance @Skyscanner 40,000 status miles within 12 months can be a challenge especially since even flights with Turkish Airlines will get you a maximum of 150% on your miles as tier and award miles. In some other booking classes, there are up to 200%, though. No. The Miles&More Senator, as well as the MileagePlus Gold status or gold tiers of other loyalty programs, include Star Alliance Gold status. We will treat your information with care and respect. This is consistent with the other The Star Alliance doesn’t actually hand out elite status cards; each individual frequent flyer programme sets its own rules. Some airlines will sell tier miles in case you’re still missing some at the end of the membership year. You are entitled to the Star Alliance Silver Status benefits. There are ways to pay for Star Alliance Gold. It’s popularity mainly arises from the fact that the elite status comes with free lounge access – worldwide and including every lounge operated by the alliance. These two status levels entitle you to enjoy special Star … So it’s essential to plan ahead. Some airlines do not offer this benefit on individual flights but only on connecting Star Alliance flights. This status recognises that you are a frequent traveller on the Star Alliance network and have flown regularly with our member airlines. Move more smoothly through airport security and Immigration by utilising exclusive Gold Track priority lanes. Also, 30,000 tier miles for requalification is a fair deal! We are delighted to confirm that your status equates to Star Alliance Gold . A lovely program that allows you to obtain Star Alliance God status with minimal tier miles and – even better – keep it for up to 4 years. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Lufthansa’s program `Miles & More´ requires you to spend 85,000 award miles for the same flight. Certain booking classes on Partner Airlines are not eligible to earn Airpoints Dollars or Status Points. The South Korean Airline Asiana runs a frequent traveler program called Asiana Club. We are delighted to confirm that your status equates to Star Alliance Silver. The Star Alliance (*A) program offers two levels of status: Silver and Gold. Once your account shows 45,000 tier miles, you’ll be rewarded with Star Alliance Gold status and corresponding privileges for rest of your qualification period and another 12 months. Earn Star Alliance Silver Or Gold Status With TAP Status Match TAP Miles & Go is offering status matches to up to top-tier gold status. And even if you don’t have Gold Status, you can still enjoy access to our lounges when travelling in … You are about to log out from corporate booking account. If you agree, please confirm this briefly: You may change your mind at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the footer of any email you receive from us, or by contacting us at You missed that Asiana also offers a lifetime diamond status at 500,000 miles total which makes it probably the most favorable FFP in the world. This status recognises that you are a very frequent traveller who has flown often on the Star Alliance network, entitling you to all the Star Alliance Gold status privileges. To obtain Gold Status, it’s enough to collect 36,000 tier miles, given that you also complete six flights with the airline itself or their partner Olympic Air. Avoid the queues at check-in by going to the Priority counters, where available. Obtaining Gold Status with Star Alliance is a goal for many frequent flyers. Please select which type of cookies you allow us to use. Star Alliance Gold status benefits receive unique recognition and rewards across all member airlines.Star Alliance, of which ANA is a member, boasts the largest network of any airline alliance.This network is dedicated to making your connecting travel fast, smooth and efficient by through check-in and other services.The Star Alliance network is proud to offer you convenience and comfort when traveling the … Cover Picture: Turkish Airlines CIP Lounge in Istanbul. Use our free Chatbot for Telegram 🤖 and get notified when there is a new suitable deal 📬. On the other hand, there are some flights that could get you 200% (e.g., Business Class with Air Canada) or even 300% (Lufthansa’s First Class). But no worries: almost all frequent flyer programs offer a way to request missing miles. Would also be very interested in hearing more as I just nearly missed Gold status. Can you please explain something more? But those will never be enough to obtain gold status. Been there, done that. Whether it's great food and refreshments or a place to work or relax, you can experience it in our lounges. Star Alliance member Scandinavian Airlines has a shareholder program open to anyone who owns at least 4000 shares in the carrier. On a Partner Airline flight, Airpoints Dollars and Status Points may be earned on a flight by flight basis rather than a journey basis. There is no program out there that will sell a Star Alliance Gold status. You can take an extra 20 kg (44 pounds) where the weight concept applies or an extra piece where the piece concept applies. You'll start with 90 days at either United's Premier Gold or Premier Platinum frequent flyer tiers, both of which line up with Star Alliance Gold. Yes. Especially if you consider how easy it is to requalify, needing only 12,000 miles. What Frequent Flyer Programs Allow Gifting a Status? As a member of SAS’ frequent flyer program EuroBonus, you can reach Gold status by collection 45,000 Basic Points (that’s how SAS named their tier miles). There is a downside, though. Your qualification period will be 12 months, starting on the day you entered the program. Details on three more programs are available free of charge to our newsletter subscribers: 100% free and can be cancelled at any time! While some programs, like Lufthansa’s `Miles &More´ set the bar pretty high once it comes to reaching the popular gold card, other airlines offer simpler ways. Even cheap fares still get you 25% of the miles flown as Basic Points. But Star Alliance Gold status is NOT rubbish. What are the different Star Alliance elite status levels? Your loyalty as a frequent flyer to the Star Alliance network has earned you Gold Status. If for whatever reason you didn’t add your frequent flyer number to your booking, you won’t see any miles. There is no other way. To maximize the validity of your status, you should try to register right before your first flight, and you could hold Star Alliance Gold for 4 years. Star Alliance Gold status for 6 months That’s 132,000 Miles & Go miles and six months of Star Alliance Gold, at a cost of 718 euros for the year (US$855). At least with most Star Alliance frequent flyer programs. Get keyword alerts! Status match to other airlines. If at the time of reservation, seats in your desired class of service are not available, your status gives you higher priority on the waitlist when a reservation is possible, except when you are travelling on an award ticket. TAP Portugal Star Alliance Status Match. These two status levels entitle you to enjoy special Star Alliance premium customer benefits and privileges. 40,000 miles within 24 months isn’t all that much. There are quite a few benefits you’ll be able to enjoy once you call a card with the Star Alliance Gold logo on it your own. Star Alliance Elite Status Today Currently, Star Alliance offers just two elite tiers: Silver and Gold. To find out if you will earn Status Points when travelling with Star Alliance airline members, check each Star Alliance member airlines page (as below) for details on which booking classes qualify to earn. Catch a glimpse of what’s on offer in our latest film. And you don’t have to do anything to make that happen - your Frequent Traveller, Senator or HON Circle status automatically entitles you to make the most of the Star Alliance Silver and Gold benefits. Everything was better in the old days! A one-way first-class flight with Lufthansa to the West Coast of the US can be booked for 50,000 award miles and an additional ~250 € for fees! The real value is in getting Star Alliance Gold status for a year for taking three Singapore Airlines or SilkAir flights within four months of registering for the match. Four Easy Ways to Obtain Star Alliance GOLD Status, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club: Status Match to Silver & Gold, Only Until April: Star Alliance Gold with KrisFlyer After 3 Flights Thanks to Amex Platinum. 40,000 miles to reach Star Alliance Gold is not bad, and it only takes 25,000 to requalify for Turkish Airlines’ Elite Status in your first year after reaching Gold status (37,500 if you wait until your second year). But almost every frequent flyer program has its own perks that will be offered to members on flights with the program-operating airline. @extremetravel So you should always check which airline works in your favor. Information on Star Alliance. Especially if you travel a lot in low-cost booking classes (e.g., Lufthansa’s K, L, and T class) you might want to take a closer look at EuroBonus. You’re right. Star Alliance. Unchecking this box will remove your cookies for this site. While Star Alliance has the best coverage by far, it has been devaluing status by removing lounge access (TP, UA, LH are currently doing it) and luggage benefits from elites. As a MileagePlus Gold member, you can reserve Economy+ seats and bring two pieces of luggage weighing up to 32kg each on United flights. If, however, you time it so that this flight occurs after 30 June 2018, your United MileagePlus status will be extended to 31 January 2020. The new program has six different elite status levels, some of which you can earn without flying. If that’s not the case, you will have a tough time getting the program to credit your account. Selected images from and icons from© 1997-2021 Star Alliance, We use cookies to optimize your experience on our website. Gold status is their top tier elite status and as such, offers significantly more benefits than Silver status for frequent travelers. Unfortunately, also Miles & Smiles excludes some low-cost booking classes (e.g., Lufthansa) from being eligible to collect miles. To find out if you will earn Status Points when travelling with Star Alliance airline members, check each Star Alliance member airlines page (as below) for details on which booking classes qualify to earn. Sign up for one of our programmes. For more details, please visit our, Not a member yet? By the way: if you’re able to collect 90,000 tier mils, you’ll reach Diamond Status and can give away a Gold card to a friend. How do I obtain elite status with Star Alliance? If your travel plans change and flights are full, your status gives you higher priority on the standby list for your preferred flight, except when you are travelling on an award ticket. With the Star Alliance network, our customers have seamless travel options from Austin to Zanzibar and everywhere in between with destinations in nearly 200 countries. You can use your British Airways Executive Club Gold or Silver card to get Star Alliance Gold status via a TAP Air Portugal status match! Please note that Priority Reservations Waitlist is subject to individual member carrier’s policy and legal regulations. TAP Air Portugal currently runs a status match challenge. By travelling on Star Alliance member airlines you are able to earn Status Points, which will help you reach Airpoints status levels sooner and allow you to enjoy more benefits when flying. It has announced that it will match Flying Blue Gold to Miles&Go Gold, which also grants Star Alliance Gold status. We added this to our article. Star Alliance Gold is normally your reward for regularly flying with Star Alliance airlines throughout the year – unlocking perks like airport lounge access, priority check-in and priority boarding – but there’s a handy shortcut that can elevate you to Gold status after taking just three flights. This means you can potentially get the equivalent of Gold Status with One World and SkyTeam. Board at your convenience with First Class and Business Class passengers where this is offered at the gate. But compared to other programs, 36,000 miles and six flights with Aegean are still a pretty sweet deal. Egyptair is the only exception. Star Alliance airline partners list. Thanks. When booking, please check for restrictions on refunds, rebooking and baggage allowance that may apply. Careful: Flights and tier miles collected. If you don’t have the chance to fly with Aegean, you’ll need a total of 72,000 miles to reach their highest tier.