Please let us know which roll you want to go with this (NEW)Teriyaki Tuna Roll (5pcs) ... Shrimp Tempura, Spicy crab mix, Cucumber, Tempura Crumb, Unagi sauce , Spicy Mayo. Caterpillar Roll. Assorted fresh sashimi, avocado, cucumber & tobiko w/fried crunch _____ 14.00 Dynamite Roll regular or spicy Located at 4470 Indian Ripple Rd, Dayton, OH 45440, our restaurant offers a wide array of authentic Japanesei Food, such as Shrimp Tempura, Hibachi Steak, California ROll, Futo Maki. 4 pieces of Futo Maki with 6 pieces of assorted nigiri. $6.75 California Maki. 5 pieces of maki with 4 pieces of nigiri and grilled chicken thigh with green salad. $6.50 Veggie Tempura. Bagel Roll $9.75 Cream Cheese, Smoked Salmon & Avocado. 1 review. $13.00+ Ahi Tuna Roll ... 2 California Rolls 2 Spicy California Rolls 1 Futo Maki 2 Cucumber Avocado Rolls 2 Shrimp Tempura Rolls 2 Krab Cheese Rolls. It is rice and fillings wrapped in dried, roasted seaweed (nori), and then sliced into smaller bite-sized pieces.Futomaki is typically … Try our delicious food and service today. New Bento. $5.99 Futo Maki $5.75 Futo, Inari Maki $5.50 Spam Maki $5.25 Hoso Maki Tekka, 6 … If you have any suggestion to our food or service, please go to the customer feedback page and leave us your suggestion or review. Futo Maki, California Maki, Ebi Tempura Maki (Seaweed), Ebi Tempura Maki (Reverse Maki), Tuna Mayo Gunkan, Chili Clam Gunkan, Kani Salad Gunkan, Chuka Hotate Gunkan. Jalapeno Futo. Futomaki is a type of Japanese sushi that is rolled into a long thick cylinder. Soy Sheet $ 1.00. regular. appetizer tempura salads donburi teriyaki noodle (udon & soba) noodle combo korean food sashimi nigiri sushi hoso maki chu maki futo maki special rolls bento … Sauteed Chicken With Japanese Ginger Sauce, Sushi, … A literal translation of futomaki is "fat rolled sushi." Allergener: E,F,G Stk: 6 | Pris: 129,00 Come in for an Asian Lunch or a dinner. 3 reviews. $21.95 . Tempura laks, jalapeno, agurk, avokado og wasabi majones toppet med tobiko. 2 reviews. $24.95 . Futo Maki Large Roll / Seaweed outside / 5pcs. BBQ eel, cucumber, avocado, crab meat, tobiko & wrapped avocado _____ 15.50 Crunch Roll regular or spicy. Home / Menu / Futo Maki. ... Futo Maki & Nigiri Sushi. Cream Cheese, Shrimp Tempura & Roasted Almond w/ Eel Sauce. Tori Shogayaki Bento. Tempura Maki. Ebi, Salat, Avocado, Mayonnaise und Terriyaki Sauce Chirashi Sushi. Sushi - maki, nigiri, tempura og sashimi Ifølge Godfisk har hver fjerde nordmann lagd sushi selv, men vet vi hva det vi lager egentlig kalles? Premium Maki. Items below are served in 8pcs. Bulgogi Roll (1) $ … 3 pieces of shrimp tempura with mix of vegetable tempura and 6 pieces maki with 4 pieces of nigiri. Enkelt sagt så er det aller meste av sushien vi lager enten nigiri, maki eller sashimi, og kan du forskjellen på disse, så kan du nesten hele sushispråket. Shrimp Tempura & Cucumber, topped with Shrimp, Avocado, and Eel Sauce. California Roll $7.50 ... Futo Maki. Sushi & Chicken Teriyaki. 170 Futo Maki ebi Tempura.