Once this is done, you will supposedly be contacted by the lottery to finalise your claim. Of course, Bhagyalakshmi online lottery has tried to neutralize the risks by claiming to be an Indian as well as international lottery. Read this First. Bhagyalakshmi lotteries shall not be liable to pay prizes on miss use of their mobile number, email id or the lottery ticket details, customers are requested to keep their purchase details confidential 4. So far so good. bangalakshmi lottery result. Now, the thing is you wouldn’t even realize you’re being conned unless you do some deep digging. At Bhagyalakshmi, all you’d do is lose money. This is a huge red flag. Even the worst businesses make it a point to link their sites to their social media handles for credibility. Look for inconsistencies in what they’re saying. Posted in Blogging By Joanne Martin On February 25, 2021 Some cheat behind your back, others do it openly without qualms. Beware, because they make ‘milliners,’ not millionaires. If you really want to try your luck, get started with these three genuine lottery sites that accept Indian players: Bhagyalakshmi lottery carries a questionable reputation due to the lack of license, credibility, real associations, legal lotto games and valid winner stories. Winnings are paid directly into your bank account or if you wish we we provide a cheque for winning money, in a short time of winning you will be contacted by a representative from the lottery concierge service who will guide you through the claims process. ... Read more » News. But after studying the entire site, I could only write notes of caution from beginning to end. Read this First. The reason? Check the screenshot below. Bhagyalakshmi lottery falls in the latter category. Bhagyalakshmi is the story of a married homemaker in an urban set-up who lives with her entire family – in-laws, three children and a husband. Does Bhagyalakshmi lottery have any other associate / partner websites? Log in. I’d like to believe it’s the second. If you visit any national lottery site in India, you’d notice some information about its inception by the state government. Although Sportscotland works alongside this fund distribution body, the latter is nowhere associated with Bhagyalakshmi. Doesn’t it look like a scam? Bhagyalakshmi lottery comprises of a variety of lottery games,six of which are the Opal, Topaz, silver, gold, platinum and diamond.we recommend you to play at least one lottery ticket in a month to check your luck in your life. I have made a series on this site called “Genuine Lottery or Scam” where I investigate these suspicious sites. Welcome to our site about winning the lottery in India. Guess what? We publish six lottery results which are Opal, Topaz, silver, gold, platinum and diamond. The only thing that we could even remotely link to being an added extra is the fact that you can view the results from the latest draws on the site. 2 months ago 0 140. 1 month ago 0 136. Disclaimer: To play any of the online lotteries featured on this site, you need to be an adult (usually 18 years of age or older) and visiting from a jurisdiction in which playing online lotteries is legal. The only other specification is that the amount must be paid in INR and that you cannot pay in any other currency. Also, 2 minutes of silence for those who still think it is genuine! A lottery site without a license has ‘fraud’ written all over it. Bhagyalakshmi Lottery: Genuine or Fake? After your purchase is complete, a local resident will go out and purchase a physical ticket on your behalf from an authorised dealer. Player service Always happy to help @ E-Mail. The only payment method that we could make any sense of was that you would be able to pay online using your credit or debit card—no mention is made of who handles this transaction. PlayGoldwinLottery – Full of broken links and games that don’t work after you make a … You can also view the results for each lottery on the lottery results pages shortly after each draw has taken place. Draw conducts every day between 4:00pm and 6:00pm,usually results will announce immediately after the draw and you can see the winning numbers by clicking results button in www.bhagyalakshmilottery.com.. Prize No:1 Lotteries are legal in 13 states and are banned from the rest of the states. Prize money in favor of winners Rs 50000/- and above shall be paid in the form of IMPS/NEFT/RTGS after deducting commission, on drafts and postal charges as applicable. We all have that friend who loves bragging about his friend circle of bigshots that doesn’t exist. Or maybe there’s no fund. But if you move on to the site’s ‘Help’ section, you’d notice a contradictory statement that says Bhagyalakshmi lotto has no other associate or partner sites. We can forgive the fact that they don’t have a proper customer support section and can even look past the fact that the site design is dated, but we cannot ignore the fact that no mention is made as to what payment gateways process payments on the site and the fact that there are no proper terms and conditions. The site does not offer any welcome bonuses. The Maharashtra lottery is 100% legit. A joke? But I tried to click the links and failed. Besides the incorrect information about their foreign associations, the site claims to be a lottery ticket concierge service that buys physical tickets on your behalf via lotto agents. If you know anything about lotteries in India, you will know that there are minimal options when it comes to playing Indian lotteries online. This isn’t remotely possible if lotto agents and authorized lottery outlets are involved. There’s no link to the approving authority, whatsoever. Once the draw is complete, and if you happen to be a lucky winner, you will receive either an SMS or an email from the lottery stating that you are a winner. Doesn’t an international lottery without any global mode of payment sound shady? If you are approved by an authorized organization of trust and repute, you’d want to show off the badge, right. Conducted by the Maharashtra Government, it is among the 13 lotteries in India that have been legalized. Launched in 2017, the site is only available in English. First Prize (2) of Rs 1 crore and second Prize is of Rs 10 Lakhs. Lottery Old Results. However, the Bhagyalakshmi website is accessible by anyone in the country and comes without a disclaimer. It allows players from outside of India to participate, but only if they play in Indian Rupees and pay via a debit or credit card in INR. Dream Bigger with Lottoland. Bhagyalakshmi lotto establishes the transparency of its draws by claiming ‘strict observation’ by four gazetted officers and one first class magistrate. Draw date 26-09-2020 you can download it easily from our website, Facebook Page, Application and from the Email id. Perhaps a wolf of some Indian Wall Street operates it. best online lottery website in India. Let’s Get the Facts Right! Let’s Get the Facts Right. This makes Bhagyalakshmi an illegal lottery. There are no specified payment portals that are supported by the site. Similarly, government lotteries in Kerala are run by the Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries. Results are announced exactly at 6 PM (such efficiency, much wow!). Their genuineness is evident. But the problem is you can’t purchase any ticket because none of the links are working! I first heard about Bhagyalakshmi when I was writing a listicle about the best online lottery sites for Indian players. The lotteries it hosts are illegal. We spent a full evening at Majestic Pride to check out their casino, eat food, explore the entertainment & more so you don't have to. The full list is below. Yes you can purchase bhagyalakshmi lottery anywhere in world but you should have inr credit or debit card,if even you have online transfer access then also you can play.you no need to stay in india to purchase tickets,the only thing is you should have indian currency to play . What do you think? Determining if an Indian lotto site is safe or not is quite easy. Would you? So, is this lottery really promoted by these international organizations? Every time you want to purchase a lottery ticket, you must do it through and only through their site. There is no information about its owners, regulators, associates, players, or winners. Applicants Are Advised to Full Fill and Submit the Claim Form With in 7 Days of Winning Lottery, Genuine Claim Forms With All Necessary Details Will be … So, while we cannot say that this site is definitely a scam, we do urge caution to anybody who is thinking of using it. My Visit to Deltin Royal – the Largest Cruise Casino in Goa. LottoAnalyst uses cookies to improve your experience. Nevertheless, the only stipulation is that players are 18 years of age or older. Purchase online lottery ticket in India. Bhagyalakshmi seems to have followed suit! The Kerala lottery department will announce the results of Nirmal NR-217 lottery on Monday. Because online lottery is all about putting your hard-earned money at stake, I wouldn’t recommend you to spend it on games or sites that seem spurious. In fact, it carries no license at all! It carries no license permitted by an authorized regulator of repute. For instance, Punjab lotteries are conducted and promoted by the Directorate of Punjab State under the Finance Department of the Punjab Government. Lottery Results; Help; Try Your Luck Everyday. Join 10 million other people getting to play the biggest jackpots, with the best mobile features and great offers. Sadly, the terms and conditions available on bhagyalakshmilottery.com are an absolute joke. The draw is in March and you can win up to 4 crores from this exciting lotto game. I searched high and low for a piece of PR article that could mention the Indian lotto getting funds from Sportscotland to no avail. Bhagyalakshmi lotto wouldn’t. So, while we cannot say that this site is definitely a scam, we do urge caution to anybody who is thinking of using it. If you know the Indian lottery law, you are aware of the fact that only government lotteries are permissible in the country. Through my research I have found several sites you need to avoid but there are 3 sites that are particularly dangerous since they have aggressive marketing: Bhagyalakshmi Lottery; PlayIndiaLottery; PlayGoldwinLottery by Mattias Fröbrant. This guide is made for Indian online gamblers who want to stay on top of the latest bonuses, best online casinos and deepen their knowledge about anything related to online gambling. I could only figure out the word ‘approved.’ I don’t know who approves of the site. You can buy the lottery ticket and play online across in India. Aside from this, however, there are no visible customer support options available anywhere on the site. Since I wrote the Bhagyalakshmi lottery article and the PlayIndiaLottery review several of you readers have reached out to me. I was supposed to review this fishy-looking lottery site, too, but eventually avoided it for obvious reasons. To the world, her family seems nothing short of a dream. Lastly, I’m aware of several legit Indian lotteries such as Punjab, Maharashtra, Kerala, and Sikkim lottery and was hoping to find similar lottery draws on the site. Make up your own mind here! Buy 1 EuroMillions line and get 10 "Raid the Piggy Bank" scratchcards for FREE, All content on the site is in broken English. So, even if you win any prize, it would be a crime to claim it or get paid. Instead, I found these: I know what you must be thinking. Goa’s Majestic Pride (Casino Pride 2) – Another Tick Off My Bucket List! But that doesn’t give them the badge of credibility. Buy Tickets How to Claim How to Win How to Play. Firstly, for this to happen, it has to receive permission from a State Government in India. Of course, the question of why anyone would want to play on this site to begin with is one that begs to be asked. Register. One site, however, bhagyalakshmilottery.com, is breaking this norm and allowing Indian players to do just that. Bhagyalaxmi lottery. If you have never bought a lottery ticket online using a lottery ticket concierge service, here is a brief How to Play guide. What Scotland’s connection to India is we have no idea, but the lack of clarity here already raised many of the eyebrows that we have working in our office.