On top of that we offer students of our partner universities a 10% discount on our programs. Students can apply to one of the partner universities for the fall semester or the academic year of 2020/2021. Students can apply to study 1 exchange semester abroad at one of the partner universities as tuition fee waiver exchange students. In the Comprehensive Universities category we listed the universities with wide profile, which offer courses in various study areas.The universities with simple profile … Press: sajto@uni-corvinus.hu. Partner Universities General Map of Erasmus-Partnerships of Humboldt's Geographic Department General view of bilateral agreements between Humboldt-university and Universitiy Partnerships in the world (without Erasmus) Over the past few years, many of our students and staff have taken the opportunity to spend time at one of our partner institutions (both Erasmus+ and non-Erasmus+), and we have welcomed many in return. General Information. HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht has partnerships with 237 universities around the world. OUR PROGRAMS Internship Program: Our Internship Program is open to students, graduates and young professionals looking to gain valuable work experience in China in sectors including IT, sales, marketing, architecture and more. Telephone: +36 1 482 5000. Strategic alliances with industry partners to enhance HU internship programs. Partner University: News and Events. Stay current with trends and new training approaches with today’s fast moving world. Partner Universities corvinus double degree erasmus. Keep up to date with new available trainings, blogs, and events in your region. Academic affairs: student.office@uni-corvinus.hu A corporate partners’ network working in the field of sustainable development. A membership of the “University Chair on Innovation” network that links enterprises and universities to solve … Learn more. Find out about changes and improvements to the MPN program . We redesigned our database and categorised the universities by study areas. Go International is an official HU website that provides information for students and staff about options for internationalization at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (Hogeschool Utrecht). Hokkaido University has had deep ties with other countries since its foundation, and has consistently promoted academic, social, and cultural exchange to contribute to the development of the international community. Universities. The exchange programs allow Wiwi students to experience learning at prestigious universities abroad and, in turn, international students to engage in short-term study here at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (HU). German Jordanian University Amman Madaba Street. Box 35247 Amman 11180 Jordan The exchange is enabled within the framework of the institutional bilateral agreements. Contact. Study abroad from three to twelve months at one of our partner universities. Benefits for Students. For example study abroad, internship abroad and internationalization at home. P.O.