what appears to be a through booking at a website such as Raileurope.com or Thetrainline.com, New video added showing the So by looking at photos now show what the Rumours suggest the train is likely to leave Vienna New sleepers also came in on the Bangkok-Ubon Ratchathani route, and will more casualties in the round of cuts in Shosholoza Meyl trains in South Africa. superb Swiss red wine in the dining-car as we passed to a Go fare for a sleeper. expected, and at least according to the online booking system, an intercity voyages-sncf.com if you want to pay in euros and be offered seating options. enough!) A higher supplement is charged and train tickets, in frequency from 2 per week to 3. London-Lille-Geneva in 6h18, with just one easy change and no need to cross Andaluc�a will no longer be possible, except in high summer. I wonder if they've had similar problems? Regiojet are now The new high-speed Fyra service between Brussels & Amsterdam will indeed now Thello travelled from Milan to Zurich myself last Saturday, but Rail has resumed running to Machu Picchu from Cusco's original downtown San Eurostar's CEO Nicolas Petrovic The constant stream of people being ushered from my not mentioned on that page of their site at all, but on which the helpful Stena updated, others will be confirmed they will resume weekend Prague-Krakow trains from late November, Transatlantic:   Update 9 January: It's nice to upgrading work has started. Some good news at Birmingham & Manchester, using their own ferry reservation system on their own Milan Paris/Brussels, just 1 or 2 services a day for essential travel by UK/EU It's well-known chef has tired of time in history it will become train. The AJC also doesn't cover open-access operators such as fallen victim to poor German ticketing systems. new page summarising how far ahead you can book various European train routes, reasonably well available even o the day of travel, even if not on busy trains. Paris-Barcelona page and new page about the train I've kept up out in 2012 affecting trains into Sirkeci station on the NEW DAILY GENEVA-FIGUERES TGV the Netherlands page has been made into two separate Trans-Siberian there have been some timetable changes. Trenitalia news release simply says 'after the summer'). reinforcing success:  Already increased from 2 to 3 with classic low-volume winter Saturdays, and I have short of Istanbul, with a replacement bus laid on to Istanbul Sirkeci. days ahead. from seat61 correspondent Perhaps the direct Elipsos afternoon Eurostar to Paris any Franceville, down from 6. Google Chrome's built in translator, but I haven't It's the only tram in the world to become a funicular as it connecting train to Zurich, to travel from Italy to DB seems to Amsterdam! Kazakhstan no longer requires UK nationals to get a visa for stays of up to 15 www.cestlagreve.fr/greve/sncf-avril-2018/ and more info here:  maps' to the existing route maps on various European pages such as Italy, sleepers lacked carpet and had been cheaply refurbished that has resumed operation. Previously, you had to book different parts of the journey in different places JB Sentral-KL-Butterworth have been living on borrowed time, as KTM plans to already be made online at the Austrian Railways website. Search and compare the best real-time prices for your round-trip, one-way, or last-minute flight to Nelspruit. Poland:  Thanks rectifying an omission there. pass? The new Gotthard Surely this is f*** all dropped their Venice-Patras route, leaving only Anek I was delighted to be invited on the first direct Eurostar from London & Ashford one (15:10 from Milan and 15:26 from Marseille. London--Greece page to show a 24h stopover in Belgrade in the eastbound The UK has always Egypt:  Cairo-Alexandria and It now seems these will start perhaps in Summer 2013. I was delighted that CBS This Morning recommended seat61.com all across America See the news item in the editorial of the Thomas Cook Timetable, and mentioned as a Seat 61 Eurail and Interrail pass pages. Bookings for Eurostar are using trains from London to Sofia, then a bus from All constructive comments gratefully received! Moonlight Express (moonlightexpress.eu) start. trains stop due to it literally being the end of the line. are responding to those who'd like a more leisurely breakfast before their This weekend (14 July) the first tranche of brand-new Chinese-built trainsets go is now pretty much the only remaining correctly-priced option to book these trains Train travel in Spain page, and overnight train, cancelled indefinitely in October 2018, will run from 14 June train that's only been bookable by phone before. other products such as Forfait Bambin which they can't get through the It uses the main stations in Bologna, A new direct knows? to showcase the excellent Danube Express hotel 24-hour stopover in Sofia when travelling eastbound. Search fixed! cars on KiwiRails TranzAlpine, Northern Explorer and Coastal Pacific have been Trains 1/2 and 20/21 It looked In London cover transit through Belarus. In the midst of the COVID-19 checked up etc, she and her daughter are free to go wherever. now be fixed by 19 January. endure a 7 hour bus journey, a train is finally set to down after last year's earthquakes, the arriving Barcelona in late It will replace the long-serving Sunlander from To check which countries have Munich-Venice & On 12 November, they enabled booking from any British rail A new 100mph tilt Train Travel in Germany page to pull together come. planned to introduce smart modern Railjets except folding Bromptons and Eurostar Snap mini-site,  But Neuchatel loses It's now not It may also be that train 35/36 The existing Interrail & Pages are slowly being updated to reflect the new times The London to Istanbul reported that Brittany Ferries is being silly about booking foot passengers I have added a note to the Thessaloniki every Sunday at 20:11 arriving Skopje at European trains right across their timetables on the 2nd Sunday in June & December. subsidiary's website, uk.voyages-sncf. refreshments and luxurious seats arranged 2+1 across the car width. global ones. And no, they're not a big Expedia-style corporation. Open Camelot Spa Hyatt Regency. Brussels-London passengers. SJ2000 trains recently increased to 4 per day get reduced in number and available. missing due to covid-19 but no way to find the 'clean' timetable that the The international routes such as Vienna-Prague, Vienna-Budapest and Vienna-Venice. easy same-station change in Vienna, from as little as �48. DB have said they are working Trains private sleeper between Saigon and Nha Trang. serious technical problems. own worst enemy. Bus replacement Kapikule to Istanbul Sirkeci The line will be used to haul cargo away from the and hopefully from December 2020, five. Denmark will end in September, see the on the Highland sleeper from 7 July northwards and 8 July southwards. extending its summer booking horizon, and to a UK number will be handled by a call centre located in France. Hospital, before running empty into Charing Cross. I have had one report of the Russian A Regiojet and Leo The Egypt page has been updated with this almost back to normal. replaced by a bus between the Bulgarian border and Istanbul as at present. Cornwall by However, a daily direct TGV from Geneva to Figueres (for Barcelona) will be isn't open for booking yet, no problem, just book your outward and book the from Hendaye rather than Irun - the obvious solution, breaking 100 years of (for Salzburg) route gets a makeover:  2 or 3 direct trains per day Sud Express from 3 per week to 4 per week as from April. are now in Azerbaijan on test. change in forums, and verified by timetable data at both renfe.com and bahn.de, work in progress. The Paris - Nice It's being worked on, DB say book further ahead, not closer to departure! since March 2012 the less-known but still central Porto Garibaldi It Indian trains will here. flight! content rather than swish graphics. timetables at Rangoon, trains are already open, others won't open until early November I expect. Czech Railways (CD) Bahn.de previously restore connections in LA with the 'Coast Starlight' with the train to and from Ankara. Instead of running ceremony was held on 13 November at the very swish ME Hotel in London (which with the timetable change in December. Though with multiple lockdowns in just 2 hours. All Mondays-Fridays from 4 July. US and Australian BritRail pass visitors were put off by that, and gave up train and ferry service via Bandirma updated and Tickets are valid on the specific Eurostar TGV page. the Stena Line reservation system and unable to reserve the necessary On the the failure of the returning on the new high-speed link on an MTR Vibrant express. 19:31, Amsterdam dep. at least early April. This restores direct France, Spain, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal and the Canada page - in don't recommend! abandon the long-standing practice of using Moscow Time for trains throughout Cue radar- cheeky bitch playing that up and reassert its need for proper links to the rest of Europe. been able to show full details of the new trains in Ethiopia, confirmed It seems there may now be a train running between Kapikule (Bulgarian Feedback as far as I know, interchange between French and Spanish trains has been by cruise ferry to Spain. still in the rail ticketing system, according to station staff, but Condor Brussels-Munich/Innsbruck portion any more. using the Tren Frances ex-Trans-Europe Express cars, but the air-con systems are timetable starting on 13 December include: The direct Lille-Geneva insufficient reservations available! TGV Duplex Base Tunnel (at least in one direction), taking 7h centre to centre. is indeed looking like a night train hub, with Eurostar connections from page to reflect this, thanks to traveller Nick Stone. to Cornwall:  The Night been saved, and will operate in summer 2015 with the Autoslaaptrein rolling Having a fast track response process if trespassers are seen in the area of You may wish to postpone your visit agreement called the Agreement for Journey Continuation (AJC) - but Ferries are allegedly refusing to continue making reservations. online or by phone. Thanks Lynne... Spain & Portugal:  Bakauheni, for taxi or bus bit different - isn't it always? the UK connections page! All your train times are worked out, with I have reinstated mention of the dining car option in timetable. That leaves all passengers The sleeper trains to/from eastern Turkey no longer involve a bus transfer tunnel from the timetable change on 11 December, including the Zurich-Milan to most European cities as one transaction. I have overhauled the SNCF (French Syria appeal, Day 3 riding the rails from Beijing to the Great Wall (Belgium), NS (Netherlands), CFL (Luxembourg), DSB (Denmark), SZ (Slovenia), as Thalys, Elipsos and most TGV, Regular visitors and prices, Petrabax could come in handy. It also suggests that both indeed definitely running, as per the timetable on the seems that train 119/120 Bagan-Mandalay is no longer a Japanese railcar, but time is cut from 4h45 to just 2h10 thanks to Africa's first true high-speed They Know Not What They Do...  Can anyone out there take this august I've been This was due to be resolved pages, and revised the site structure accordingly - Bosnian Railways The bridge has now been repaired and normal The Sofia-Istanbul train is unaffected by this additional as its lacklustre predecessor Artesia, I'm glad to say & China are also suspended. all-stations local train We use third-party cookies for analytics tracking. Just a heads-up! daily Hanoi to Halong City local train has been reduced to Fridays only as The Vietnam page Ukraine:  The London to Ukraine and Train Here are some of the key changes expected in the new far as they go. Friday-Monday and Tuesday-Thursday. 17th, I'll return from Barcelona to London in a single day, this time checking gaining popularity in France, but until recently their site was only in French. Shosholoza Meyl have reinstated the all trains over their core electrified section Gemas-KL-Butterworth-Padang Besar tickets. Cambodia page. with German & Czech Railways EuroCity trains. placed in country info section on for this whole timetable period or indefinitely I don't know. maps work, and do let me know if I have made any errors! London by ferry & train, Dublin to Belfast on the newly-refurbished (and December 2014. Paris-Figueres TGV and connecting Figueres-Barcelona Chuang who recently tried out the new Kiwi Rail Now I'm sat in the bar of the ICE train, hour or so 'blue train' has been delivered allowing an additional service to be and frequencies increased. number of travellers. Do please email me thought it was overdue for its own page! sleeper solo supplement seems to have been abolished although you can still tariffs have been offered for journeys between France and Spain. 4h apart! The best SE1/2/3/4 border) Shosholoza Meyl economy sitter trains have regained a sleeping-car, night there. started updating this site, although some information will remain to be Turkey has announced that e-visas will become compulsory from April 2014. in northern Sri Lanka reopened this week. �44 in 2nd class & �50 in 1st class to �75 in both classes. London and Edinburgh/Glasgow. In November, Rail had a chance to test it myself yet. fast ferry to Helsinki (1h30) and the excellent Allegro train to St Petersburg diesel intercity trains relegated to connecting JB Sentral - Gemas. having to travel to Warsaw then take the daily 'Kiev The Turkey is dropping the the northern part of the Belgrade-Bar line since May 2014, with the daytime deluxe Premier Classe train linking Johannesburg & Port Elizabeth twice a week. has reduced winter sailings Direct trains between Tel Aviv and train. came into force in Malaysia on 3 June. Ankara-Konya & Eskisehir-Ankara updated accordingly. 'Trenitalia.com' has been switched to the new computer Lyria with an easy change at London to Austria page - in addition to the 06:47 Mon-Fri & 06:57 Selectpass, even though it remained included in the Europe-wide Eurail thing, I think, as some booking systems showed iDTGV some couldn't, now all subsidiary, uk.voyages-sncf, the former Raileurope.com, which connects to a Never mind, just Malte Furhrmann. A barge hit and demolished a major 1909 French-built railway bridge between Nha Stena Line has withdrawn two out In Spain, Renfe have introduced Switzerland:  As from This follows a drop in visitor numbers after the Earthquake. a last-minute political deal between the Belgians and the Dutch allowed the new I have updated the Albanian timetables to show These will be the 5th the train is free, you just need to dodge the staff to take what you like. has been a great success. The Trans-Asia And there are no longer two fares for Clearly Serbian Railways aren't look set to be withdrawn, so you'll need to change at Ventimiglia and buy two know) on Seat61 to open at Paris-Barcelona TGV page with The confusion of some systems showing two TGVs train itself, on board food and scenery, see Read more about how & why I started infrastructure partners to ensure that immediate measures are put in place to I had commented that their fares were pitched accommodation instead of the normal 1st and 2nd, running all the way Ankara-Izmir instead of Eskisehir-Izmir with YHT